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National Chin-Yi University of Technology is committed to developing students with skill and knowledge in humanities, societal concerns, professional knowledge and global vision, based on the school motto of diligence, perseverance, integrity and simplicity.

With equal emphasis on both theory and practice, the school aims to cultivate green-oriented high tech talent within technology students.

The College of Management includes specialty fields and industry fields, extending the idea of Mechanical Engineering. Its main goal is to reinforce students' cognition and education on the urban and green leisure industry, and lead the department to a green-oriented feature.

Since the department was renamed “Department of Recreation Industry Management” in 2008, much work has been done and the results are excellent.

For example:

Ø The committee is in active operation. 

Ø The goal, mission and curriculum of the department are clear.

Ø The Internship program is well executed and well connected to the related industry.

Ø An ongoing program of teacher self-assessment improve the professional ability of teachers.

Ø Student successfully pass related certification examinations and are competitive in the recreation industry.

The Goal

1.       To equip students with humanistic quality and social concerns

The curriculum framework has been made in line with the purpose of equipping the students with a humanistic spirit. The curricula of Labor and Social Service Education and Community Service and Practice aim to lead students to experience the act of giving back to society by providing community service.

2.       To equip students with international perspectives and professional skills

The students will be equipped with international perspectives, and professional abilities and competitiveness by taking relevant courses according to their individual career aspirations.

3.       To equip students with an awareness of good service attitudes and professionalism

Students will have a deep-seated sense of workplace ethics and teamwork, and develop a positive professional personality.

4.       To equip students with excellent communication and leadership skills

With the intention of cultivating outstanding leisure industry talents, students will be guided to strengthen their expression, foreign language abilities, and their leadership skills based on their solid foundation of basic knowledge and professional skills.

5.       To enhance students’ experience of leisure industry project management

Students will be equipped with professional knowledge and skills in the leisure industry project management, and the abilities to utilize them.


Ø    Strengthening students’ awareness of the metropolitan and green leisure industry

Ø    The spirit of “practicing while learning and learning while practicing”

Ø    The implementation of and counseling for students’ off-campus internship

Ø    Enhancing the effectiveness of students’ overseas internships

Ø    Encouraging students to obtain professional licenses through the provision of counseling to students by the University

Ø    Employment counseling model of “integration of education and production”

Ø    Introducing project management into the leisure industry management

The Schooling

Ø    For coordinating with the governmental policies to develop the information industry and corresponding with the demands of enterprise in information manpower, the department of information management (DIM) was founded in 1994 to provide two-year college DIM program.

Ø    Till 2002, four-year undergraduate DIM program was started. Actually, information systems professionals face the challenges of providing reliable, accurate and timely information to meet the demands of enterprise's growing dependence on information technology.

Ø    For raising more advanced and competent information systems professionals, DIM is merged with the Institute of Research Development and Technology Management to start the master program and names as the Institute of Research Development and Information Management (RDIM) in 2009.


The Department strives to improve the planning and construction of teaching equipment to facilitate the cultivation of students’ professional skills which will be needed for their future employment. This is also to assist teachers in teaching and research. Currently, there are two teaching classrooms, six specialized classrooms, one conference hall, one computer classroom, and eight research rooms. The six specialized classrooms are composed of

(1.)    a seminar room for industry-university cooperation and specialized research,

(2.)    a leisure and tourism information service classroom,

(3.)    a room that serves as an intern travel agency,

(4.)    a specialized classroom for leisure health promotion,

(5.)    a specialized classroom for the practice of catering and bartending services, and

(6.)    an E2 Café (a café that provides internships for students).


l   專業導遊、專業領隊、航空地勤人員、旅行社事務員、會展規劃人員、活動企劃人員、國際禮儀接待員、公職人員。

Professional tour guide, professional tour leader, ground staff for airlines, travel agency staff, exhibition planner, event planner, international etiquette receptionist, and government employee

l   健身俱樂部事務人員、體適能運動指導員、健身教練、救生員、休閒運動企劃人員、公職人員。

Fitness club staff, fitness instructor, fitness trainer, lifeguard, leisure sports planner, and government employee

l   餐廳內場作業員、餐廳外場服務員、旅館櫃檯人員、旅館房務員。

Restaurant staff, restaurant waiter/waitress, hotel counter staff, and hotel housekeeper